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Training & Consultation

Backed by a team of experienced consultants and outdoors professionals, A-DASH provides support to individuals as well as consultation and training for outfitters and agencies. Our goal is to inspire and support you as you work to eliminate discrimination and harassment through policy assessment, training and culture change. Your inquiries are confidential, valued and respected and will be addressed without shame or blame for the person reporting an incident or seeking support.


These 2-hour or 4-hour sessions are tailored to your organization's specific needs and educate about the the nature of sexual harassment, how you can prevent it and how to report and respond to it.


Learn how to handle disclosure of sexual harassment or discrimination, how to mediate and how to train others on facilitating an environment of equity and inclusion. You will also learn about acknowledging how sexual violence is addressed.


We will evaluate how agencies and outfitters can and must be proactive to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination. We will explore how history and culture have contributed to these pervasive issues in many organizations, and what we can do to transform ourselves and our companies.

Specialty Areas

This diagram shows both hallmark components that are common to all A-DASH trainings and the specialty areas offered by our trainers.

A-DASH Venn Diagram.png

Owners, Managers & Leaders

As an owner or manager of an outfitter or state or federal agency, you are responsible for cultivating equity and inclusion in the workplace by preventing and responding to sexual harassment and discrimination. Please contact A-DASH if you would like to request training or consultation. We tailor training to your company's specific needs, which may be preventative or may be needed to improve a hostile work environment. Also, please complete our A-DASH Needs Assessment​ to assess whether your company may benefit from training on equity and inclusion. Our professional consultants are available to review and recommend improvements to your policies and procedures. There is no shame and no blame in requesting training or consultation. We are here to support you!

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Employees, Team Members & Volunteers

As an employee of an outfitter or state or federal agency, you have a right to be respected and to work in an environment where sexual harassment and discrimination are not tolerated. Please contact A-DASH if you have experienced harassment or discrimination, or if this is an issue within your company. Also, please complete our A-DASH Needs Assessment to assess whether your company may benefit from training on equity and inclusion. There is no shame and no blame in reporting an issue or requesting training or consultation. We are here to support you!


Outdoor Adventurers & Guests

If you have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination on an adventure with a state or federal agency or private outfitter please report it to A-DASH. We can provide training for these agencies and will direct you to resources for support. 

Please visit our Clients page to check out agencies that have completed or are currently participating in A-DASH training. We are proud to support these agencies for having the courage to stand up to discrimination and sexual harassment and for working towards a culture of equity and inclusion for all. ​

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